Procas Vs Quickbooks

Procas Vs Quickbooks

quickbooks dcaa compliant chart of accounts

Very few time sheet systems on the market are truly DCAA-compliant, regardless of their claims, and using the wrong one risks an audit failure. Logical and consistent method for allocation of indirect costs to intermediate and final cost objectives. The key to any accounting system is its underlying policies and procedures. These policies and procedures are of utmost importance to a DCAA Compliant QuickBooks system. When DCAA arrives for your accounting system audit, they will ask for your accounting policies and procedures and will want to do audit testing to ensure contractor employees are following these procedures. They can also ask for any accounting system information, including the policies and procedures, at any time throughout the year. And if you haven’t yet heard, DCAA is on the Pass/Fail rating system for accounting systems, so it must be right the first time.

  • We will calculate all the supporting costs and excludes all the costs that are not allowed.
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  • Utilize simple QuickBooks financial accounting to comply with DCAA requirements.
  • These policies and procedures are of utmost importance to a DCAA Compliant QuickBooks system.

They look for your ability to be able to properly accumulate and allocate costs to government contracts and properly screen out unallowable costs. payroll An Authorizing Contract Officer is the representative assigned by the government to be your company’s representative for all contracts.

They may also need to peer your Trial balance and widespread Ledger detail. Be equip and familiar with all of these reports before the auditor arrives. One of the services we offer is a configuration carrier wherein we make modifications to the setup and shape of your Quickbooks report to make it DCAA compliant. We also have many free resources on this website that will help you configure your very own report. For maximum small authorities contractors, with under 2 hundred personnel, the acquisition and implementation of an highly-priced and difficult-to-use accounting machine are not necessary for an effort to reap DCAA compliance. A cheaper and flexible accounting machine which includes Quickbooks can be effortlessly configured to bypass DCAA audits. DCAA Systems Solutions utilizes state-of-the-art security and anti-fraud measures on par with major financial institutions.

By properly setting up service items, you can import timesheet hours directly to your customer invoice along with the “billing rates” category. It is important, particularly when evaluating third-party timekeeping solutions, to make sure that all of these systems are in place, and preferably automated. Usually it is best to give the vendor a call and have them talk you through each of these steps personally. The best vendors will be happy to give you a live demo and answer any questions you may have. Utilize simple QuickBooks financial accounting to comply with DCAA requirements. Companies using our QuickBooks set-up system are regularly certified as being compliant and routinely pass their DCAA audits and state Department of Transportation reviews.


Quickbooks payroll support, you may need to install your employees effectively to be able to run a labor distribution in Quickbooks. The employee setup calls for repayment statistics, payroll items, and “take a look at the box” to apply timesheets when computing the labor distribution. If a contractor is not in compliance with the FAR, they may be precluded from future government contracts or teaming arrangements with other contractors.

These subsets are utilized to represent cost of sales, intermediate and final indirect expense pools, allocation bases, and expenses segregated from the government contracting business. These subsets are standard to the industry of government contracting and are universally recognized by industry accountants online bookkeeping and DCAA auditors alike. A significant portion of accounting for government contracts is the classification of costs, commercial and government, as either direct or indirect. In addition, all costs need to be assigned to a “final cost objective.” Generally, a final cost objective is a contract.

Monarch CPA will ensure your incurred cost submission is completed accurately and on time. We will calculate all the supporting costs and excludes all the costs that are not allowed. DCAA compliant electronic timesheet, synchronized payroll cycles and progress billing, properly formatted invoicing/vouchering, and DCAA indirect rate (overhead and general & administrative expenses) tracking. It’s pass/fail and you’ll need to pass all the items to receive your certification letter from DCAA. Most of our clients do not understand the checklist when they read it at first.

Reach out to the outsourced DCAA accounting firm at Diener & Associates CPAs, LLC to help guide you through the challenges involved in government contractor accounting. QuickBooks is quickbooks dcaa compliant chart of accounts a useful tool for small businesses who are awarded government contracts. Although it can help maintain compliance and pass audits, it is important to keep its limitations in mind.

What Is Dcaa Compliance?

DSS implements multiple firewalls between the Internet and our programs and data storage. Most businesses are a few months behind in their bookkeeping when they come to DSS.

That is to be expected that most people/accountants and even CPA’s know nothing about GovCon work, since it is not taught in school not even if you pass the CPA exam or have MBA in Accounting as I do. The only way one would know about GovCon accounting would be to have worked for a Govt contractor or worked at DCAA in the past, but even that does not always educate them enough to know how to do. This interface of digital time-keeping and Payroll (with or without a QB’s Payroll subscription) makes QB’s Desktop the superior tool for DCAA Compliance based on my experience with hundreds of clients over the course of a decade. Both QB’s Desktop and QB’s Online can be augmented to be DCAA / FAR Compliant. The advantage that QB’s Desktop has over QBO is it’s integrated payroll module that permits direct charging of time (via a number of available digital time-keeping tools) direct to the General Ledger including Customer, Job, and Service Items. The QBO people are not versed in the nuances and requirements of FAR Compliance. The important aspect for QBO is Job Costing which simply means the ability to charge Direct Costs to Customers and Sub-Customers for proper reporting.

All Govt contractors, no matter how small (like one owner/employee) are required to follow FAR where GAAP and accrual-basis accounting are prerequisites required to pass DCAA audits to win contract or keep it once awarded and audited. Using the right chart of accounts allows you to compare your rates with other contractors as well. If your rates are higher than the competition, then you’ll lose out on work every time. In terms of unallowable costs, each type of unallowable cost should have its own general ledger account.

quickbooks dcaa compliant chart of accounts

We’ve developed a streamlined process for getting your company 8certified so you can take advantage of our experience. Simply enter your details below to download this guide today for useful tips on how to get certified. Cynthia – if you would like to discuss how QBO / QBD can be implemented for DCAA Compliance I would be happy to answer your questions. Teri is a skilled professional in the field and her perspectives are valuable, they’re just not the whole picture and point people to more expensive and sophisticated solutions, which are not necessarily cost effective for the small and emerging contractor.

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Having the knowledge to know where items are placed in correct accounts is a little more complicated than in standard GAAP accounting. We may also suggest a timekeeping system that keeps track of your employees’ time. DSS’s accounting and bookkeeping team continues to take the time to understand our business in order to effectively maintain our financial books. I recommend DCAA Systems Solutions to anyone that is looking to concentrate on their core business and is seeking a partnership approach for their accounting and bookkeeping needs. We manage all your accounting and bookkeeping services, including migration from Deltek to Quickbooks, to ensure complete compliance with DCAA regulations while relieving the burden on your internal resources. Although QuickBooks can go a long way toward helping you remain DCAA compliant, the rules are constantly changing and it is important to stay on top of the latest developments.

quickbooks dcaa compliant chart of accounts

Govt contractors must pass Accounting System Audit in order to be awarded CPFF contracts along with meeting several other FAR requirements that are critical to the company’s success and survival. I am quite passionate about this so I hate to see when they are misled since I think that is wrong so saying QB is DCAA compliant with “augmentation” meaning adding additional systems is a stretch. I prefer not to use add-on systems or Excel workarounds since they are too messy and risky and costly but would possibly be better than not trying to do things in compliance with requirements. My preference is to use an all-in-one system that does all that is required to meet GovCon accounting and DCAA compliance. The chart of bills is definitely a listing of your well-known ledger bills, where your transactions are posted in your accounting system. Many clients come to us believing that each one they want to do to bypass a DCAA audit is to have a DCAA-compliant chart of accounts. These three lists are really the only modifications thatneed to be completed.

Instead, we’ll modify your current system to satisfy the reporting requirements of U.S. government contractors. In most cases, ReliAscent® will set up contractors and grantees on our QuickBooks® Enterprise platform (hosted on Amazon’s GovCloud™).

Our Dcaa Compliant Quickbooks Conversion Comes With:

But this is where professional advice from aGovCon expert at Warren Averettcan add value. With practical knowledge and years of experience, our professionals can advise you on how to structure your chart of accounts and configure QuickBooks to ensure everything is doneaccording to regulations.

While the DCAA doesn’t require any particular software, it does have certain criteria that a timekeeping system must meet in order to be DCAA compliant. Because QuickBooks doesn’t offer a built-in, compliant time-tracking system, it is necessary to use an external system that integrates well with QuickBooks and has all controls required for DCAA approval. Exclusion from costs charged to government contracts of amounts which are not allowable in terms of FAR 31, Contract Cost Principles and Procedures, or other contract provisions. If you are using another accounting system such as Deltek GCS, or plan to go to another system, we can help you establish and maintain compliance. If you are using QuickBooks, we will configure and add to QuickBooks exactly what you’ll need to be DCAA, FAR, and CAS compliant, for a price you can afford.

As one of the region’s largest and most resourceful accounting, tax and advisory firms, we’ve expanded to keep pace with client demand across the Southeast. Our clients are leaders in their respective fields and expect their professional advisor to know their industry.

We make sure our business clients get comfortable with the basics and even learn the more advanced features of QuickBooks in order to leverage all the useful financial data it has to offer. GovCon Solutions has proven to be an outstanding source for government accounting services. They provided us with the necessary tools to meet government accounting requirements for defense contracting and were key to our passing our first audit by the DCAA.

Here is a link for the DCAA’s Incurred Cost Electronic model ICE, the electronic version of the model incurred cost proposal so you may acquaint yourself with its components and structure. GovCon Solutions gave us instant expertise as a Federal Government Subcontractor. With their help we were able to quickly overlay a sophisticated government contracting template on our existing accounting system. They continue to provide invaluable and affordable support of our government contract work. Because in QuickBooks the payroll process is what distributes labor dollars to projects, based on timesheet hours, the payroll function should be separate from your main QuickBooks file.

The pre-award accounting system survey is an audit to determine the acceptability of a contractor’s accounting system for accumulating costs under a prospective government contract. An accounting manual that documents the policies and procedures of the contractor is also required. You may not have two sets of books and/or accounting practices for your government business and your commercial business.

Indirect costs are accumulated in pools, such as Fringe Benefit pool, General & Administration (G&A) pool and Overhead pool. For example, you might have rent, business development and professional services in your G&A pool.

Author: Gene Marks